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Beating Cold & Flu Season

The season every parent wishes they could avoid is here – cold and flu season. While you can’t totally eliminate colds and flu you may be able to prevent a few by following several simple tips. Learn More.

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Playful Learning

Fall Trees

Fall Trees

Together with your child create a fall tree with the leaves changing colors. Either you or your child should draw a tree trunk and some branches on a piece of construction paper. Next color the tree with crayons or try painting. Cut 2-inch squares from red, yellow, orange, and green tissue paper. Allow your child to crumple or wad the different colors of tissue paper into individual balls and glue them onto the branches for leaves. The glue can be placed directly on small sections of the tree to simplify the project for younger hands. This activity reinforces colors and strengthens the little muscles in the fingers. These muscles are important for fine motor skills which help with coloring and cutting. Be sure to hang up the art work for all to admire.