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Children's Health Insurance

If you’ve lost your job or are just making enough to make ends meet, you may be eligible for FAMIS, Virginia's health insurance program for children whose families are unable to afford private insurance & do not qualify for Medicaid. Learn More.


Search for a child care provider and discover what questions to ask. Learn more…

Welcome, Beach Baby!

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Live the Beach Life!

Find fun things for you and your kids to do in Virginia Beach! Learn more…

Playful Learning



Think about all the things that your child can climb on at a playground. Even pieces of equipment not meant for climbing may become the next rock wall for your child. If you have a very young child, you should make sure that he stays away from horizontal ladders, ropes, and even high monkey bars to help prevent falling and injury. Look for playground equipment that has sturdy handrails and guards in case of falls, and steps that can help your child to safety. Always stay close and stay alert at all times.