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Children's Health Insurance

If you’ve lost your job or are just making enough to make ends meet, you may be eligible for FAMIS, Virginia's health insurance program for children whose families are unable to afford private insurance & do not qualify for Medicaid. Learn More.

February 2013


Search for a child care provider and discover what questions to ask. Learn more…

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Live the Beach Life!

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Playful Learning

Indentifying Shapes

Indentifying Shapes

Talk about circles, triangles, and squares. Have your child look inside and outside for circles, triangles, and squares in their environment. Together go on a shape scavenger hunt. Begin by searching for one shape at a time and name all the places you find that shape. As your child’s skills develop add additional shapes and have more fun while increasing the challenge. If your child is young, take along a paper shape as a visual reminder of what you are searching for and remember to have fun and find the shapes together.